8 AI companies including OpenAI, Google set to handover their chatbots to hackers. Here’s why

ChatGPT, Bard, and Llama 2 are some of the major artificial intelligence tools in the market. The advent of these chatbots has ignited a debate on various sensitive topics like regulation of AI, privacy issues, replacement of human workers, etc. The AI companies also acknowledge the potential for misuse of AI technology and take measures to avoid it. In one such measure, companies have decided to hand over their AI chatbots to hackers.

Like everything on the internet, AI chatbots are also vulnerable to hacking. The hackers can misuse the generative AI technology to generate false information, biased information, induce fake narratives, pedal offensive information, etc.

Responding to all such threats, the AI companies are participating in 20 hours at the DEF CON conference in Las Vegas, news platform SEMAFOR reported. The report mentioned that the conference will begin on Friday during which around 3,200 hackers will attempt to explore the vulnerabilities of the chatbots.

8 AI companies to participate  

The Major AI companies like Anthropic, Cohere, Google, Hugging Face, Meta, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Stability AI are expected to participate in the conference and will hand over their chatbots to these hackers. The participation in the DEF CON conference shows that the AI companies are serious about fulfilling the commitments secured by the White House on external testing, the SEMAFOR report added.

During the conference, points will be awarded to achieve various tasks like making the chatbot generate political misinformation. The hackers will also test subtle biases with the chatbot like race or income levels.

The development is significant since it can help AI companies to build more secure models which will strengthen their case when it comes to regulation of the artificial intelligence technologies. The chatbots have disrupted the market with many losing jobs and many getting hired based on their understanding of AI. The usage of AI models is expected to increase in the future as our dependence on them deepens.

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Updated: 14 Aug 2023, 06:53 PM IST

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