Adarsh Gourav: Viewer fatigue has started to seep in into the OTT space | Web Series

Today, we see a new show or film releasing on OTT almost every single week. While many look at the growing library of content as a positive sign for the streaming world, some like actor Adarsh Gourav feel it is leading to bombardment and ultimately , viewer fatigue.

Adarsh Gourav is seen in the recently seen web show, Guns & Gulaabs.

“We have already reached a point where there is viewer fatigue and over-saturation. I’m not sure how the industry can address this challenge because with more opportunities (for the talent), there will be more films and shows that will be made,” Gourav, recently seen in Guns & Gulaabs, tells us, pointing out how there is a “bombardment of content for the audience”.

The 29-year-old adds, “Quality gets affected web we are trying to make so many shows at once.”


Besides quantity trumping quality, one of the many ripple effects of this “bombardment”, the BAFTA-nominated actor feels, is the dwindling shelf life of projects on the web.

“The conversation around a film or a show doesn’t last for more than a week or 10 days, in fact it has become the shelf life of a web project,” he says, adding that makers need to take it easy and not chase trends.

“People need to start making shows or films not with the idea to trend or be number one. The makers, from producers to the creators, should look beyond that,” he adds, hoping to pitch in changing the wave in the right direction.

“I hope that one day when I turn a producer, I can stay true to my ideals and the things that I believe in. Because I genuinely feel that quality gets affected when we are trying to make so many shows and so many films at once,” Gourav says.


Recently, I&B Minister Anurag Thakur had mentioned that abusive language in the name of creativity will not be tolerated, amid growing concerns over the kind of content being put out on streaming platforms. Gourav believes as storytellers, makers need to understand their responsibility while making content.

“That being said, there needs to be space for individual expression. By that, I don’t mean you need to offend anybody. There must be some kind of censorship, but also some sense of responsibility on the makers’ part, too,” he asserts.


Gourav’s filmography in his over a decade long career, ranges from The White Tiger, to Hostel Daze and American anthology drama series, Extrapolations.

Looking back at his choices, the actor reveals, “Every time I pick a role, it is really personal for me, because I am working for myself. Choosing a role depends on many things, and the most important thing is that my choice depicts how I’m feeling at that point in time in life”.

He mentions that his focus is entirely on “challenging myself as an actor every time”. “I’m really interested in the transformation of becoming somebody else for that period of time. That gives me a kick,” expresses the actor with excitement.

But does it bother him that most of his projects have made their way on the OTT medium, instead of the big screen?

“I am very content with the fact that my films or shows have been part of the OTT world. I really don’t see a difference in how it would have affected my career, whether it was a theatrical release or OTT release. There is no doubt that there’s a novelty of watching things on a bigger screen, but when it comes to the work that I am getting, or how people perceive me, I don’t think it makes a difference,” he asserts.

Wrapping up, he says, “I’m fortunate that I have been part of all my projects”. Now, I am really excited for the times ahead and for the projects that I get to be a part of the future as well on any platform,” ends the actor, who has a mixed bag of projects such as Alien, Kho Gaye Hum Kahan and Superman of Malegaon.

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