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At least six people, including drivers and conductors, were injured on Wednesday as two Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses collided in Delhi’s Sansad Marg area early on Wednesday. The incident occured at the Police Station Parliament Street around 11:15 am, according to the police.

Two DTC buses collided in Delhi’s Sansad Marg. (Twitter/ANI)

“When the buses collided, passengers were thrown off of their seats and several got injured. One of the drivers broke his leg. Several people have been injured — both the drivers, conductors and at least a few passengers. The drivers were the worst affected,” a local eyewitness Jagpal Singh, told news agency PTI.

As found out by The Hindustan Times, DTC Bus No. DL 1PC 8424 and DL 1PC 7393 met in the accident.

Those who have been injured were identified as — Sandeep Kumar (bus driver), 43, Rupesh Kumar (passenger), 31, Md. Tanvir (Passenger), 48, Jagdeep singh (conductor),30, Sanjay Kumar (bus driver), 48, Rahul (conductor), 32.

Singh said that at least 10-15 people were onboard one bus and seven to eight were riding the other.

“A man came on a motorcycle, he chose to cut infront of the bus and one the buses moved towards the other. While the other was coming straight and hence they collided. It was not the fault of the bus drivers. The speed of the buses was normal, if it would’ve been high, the damage would’ve been a lot worse and a lot more passengers would’ve been injured,” Singh added.

He further said that one of the buses were running even after the accident. Hence, some of the people present at the spot, reversed the bus in order for the drivers to be rescued and taken to the hospital. We received help from the police force stationed here.

The Delhi police said on Wednesday that legal action was being taken.

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