Equestrian prodigy Aurum Tokas turns heads, dreams big

8-year-old equestrian rider Auram Lakshmi Tokas won 13 medals at the Delhi Horse Show (DHS) held at Army Polo and Riding Club, Delhi Cantt. Under the aegis of Equestrian Federation of India. The national level event saw riders and horses from different states of India showcasing their prowess in various equestrian disciplines during the 14-day event from 20 March to 2 April.

Keep an eye on 8-year-old Aurum Tokas, a horse-riding enthusiast. (HT)

Displaying commendable skill and courage, Oram bagged 2 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze and 5 road gold medals. “It was my first DHS and it was a lot of fun,” the little champion said with a smile.

Before moving to his hometown in Delhi this year, Auram trained for 2 years at Kisna Riders Club in Surat, Gujarat, owned by Mr. Brijesh Dholakia, diamond merchant, Hare Krishna Exports. Her coach Mr. Vijendrasinh Vaghela tutored and guided Oram as his own daughter and showed great faith in her. His constant practice played a big role in his success today. “I love and miss Kisna Riders Club and all the horses. I especially miss our horse rides on the beach” says the little rider.

Orm has been an ardent animal lover since her birth, her favorite being horses. When asked what she loves most about horses, she says, “Horses are gentle giants. They are so cute and there is no better feeling in the world than being on a horse.” Her love for horses isn’t just limited to riding — everything from her clothing to books, TV shows, and accessories reflect that. Oram adores her 5-feet-tall Tower Stables, which displays her impressive sculpture collection of 35 horses, which were gifted by her grandparents when they performed well at the Delhi Horse Show.

Aurum is currently training at Verdinand Equestrian Academy, Bijwasan and Army Polo Riding Club, Delhi. When asked what the future holds for her, her father, Captain Prasan Tokas says that his only advice for her is “the sky is the limit, just follow your passion relentlessly”.

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