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For Prithvi ShawThe IPL 2023 Has been far from exciting. The 23-year-old came into the season hoping to shed his demons from last year where he scored 283 runs in 10 matches before being ruled out due to typhoid. But the current season has been even worse for Shaw, scoring 47 runs in 6 matches. Despite showing great form in the Ranji Trophy, IPL 2023 has been a disappointment for Shaw. His highest score is 15, and Shaw looks a pale shadow of the version of himself who looked impressive two years ago in IPL 2021.

Prithvi Shaw has scored only 47 runs in 6 matches. (ANI)

While experts are struggling to wrap their heads around Shaw, Prithvi’s childhood coach Prashant Shetty has provided a fresh perspective. Shetty believes that given the aggressive nature of cricket, Shaw always risks giving away his wicket and provided he can see through the early stages of his batting, the runs will come and Prithvi’s confidence will soar.

“Expectations, of course, were not met in the first few games, both his and mine. But that’s how his game plan and mindset has been over the years. It’s the risky side. He takes those risks. Like him For the player, the first two matches are very important. When you score early, you get the momentum. The way a team needs momentum, Shaw needs that early momentum. It didn’t happen and The pressure kept mounting. He is batting well but then it takes one ball to get a batsman out,” Shetty told CricketNext.

Shaw’s Team India hibernation ended earlier this year when he was included in the squad for the T20I series against New Zealand. However, Shaw always remained part of the reserves, with Shubman Gill in exemplary form. Shetty says that being rewarded with a call-back in the team is a huge booster, but morale drops quickly if the call-up is not accompanied by a good score. However, this does not mean that Shaw’s confidence has taken a hit. So sir, they are still very high, explains Shetty.

“It was also a big season as he had just taken part in the India camp which happened for T20 players. If the selectors are picking him for this, he is definitely in their plans. But when it comes to runs If they don’t, it becomes frustrating.” Shetty said.

He is batting well in the nets. Look, he is young but also experienced enough to know that if you are batting well in the nets, it can click at any point in the match. It is a different story if one does not bat well in the nets and does not get the confidence of the management. The management has given him a long run, so they have faith in him as well.”

When Shaw was out of the team and scoring runs in domestic matches, he earned a lot of praise from some of the greats of Indian cricket. And rightly so. He scored 379 runs from 383 balls for Mumbai against Assam – the highest individual score for Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy and the second highest individual score ever. But while Shaw has been in scintillating form for Mumbai, he has not been able to carry it forward in the IPL. Having said that, Shetty is sure that his ward is turning heads though.

“There is a possibility, not that he has expressed it to me. He was in the India T20 camp, and looking again, people like Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag have also made statements supporting him in the past Don’t know if this is the thought running in his mind, he hasn’t told me.”

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