Indian coaches need to show they mean business: Miranda

As Clifford Miranda said, aesthetics are important. Odisha FC’s interim head coach and the only Indian to win the Super Cup said that until Indian coaches get it, they will continue to lament about top jobs in the country being taken over by foreigners.

The only Indian coach to win the Super Cup says the professionalism of foreign coaches is what persuades clubs to hire them. (Odisha FC)

“Why are foreign coaches with average knowledge or quality coming here and convincing the owners that they can run a club? It is because they bring a wave of professionalism,” said the former international midfielder, who played for Dempo for 15 years when the Goan giants ruled the club circuit in India. He said this convinced the owners to give him a chance because they felt this person meant business.

By professionalism, Miranda said he meant the way coaches run training sessions, organize their day and the people around them. “This is what we must learn.”

This is the reason players are attracted to foreign coaches, Miranda told Hindustan Times. Football Podcast Kicks Free, “Players are smart: in two days they’ll know if you deserve the position.”

Miranda said Asian coaches are not good technically or tactically because they don’t watch enough football and analyze enough, something he was told by a coaching instructor in Uzbekistan. “Even though he said Asian, I felt like he was talking to me. And it was true, I felt. It hindered our chances. That’s one part but that’s the other part. The first part is: Are we professionals? ?

Will Odisha FC be ready in three weeks after head coach Josep Gombau changes perception about Indian coaches? “I am not here to bring about a revolution. I am working to develop myself and the players I have, the organization I work for,” said Miranda, who has been on the staff of FC Goa for four years. later joined as an assistant coach.”In the process, if I’m able to change perceptions, why not?”

Only one team in the Indian Super League’s nine-year history, Northeast United, has started the season with an Indian head coach in 2021-22. This term, five of the top six I-League teams preferred foreign coaches. Miranda said he hoped this would change – some former India teammates like Renedy Singh, Gouramangi Singh, Sameer Naik and Bibiano Fernandes are as good as Northeast United assistant coach Floyd Pinto, he said – but needed “corrective measures”. not without.

That said, Miranda, 40, is ready for the top job. “I’ll definitely be one. I don’t know when. If he wasn’t ready to be head coach, he wouldn’t have taken over in the middle of the season. It’s just too risky. It’s going to build my confidence,” he said. And shows confidence and I say this without arrogance.

If this does not happen in ISL, then he is ready to go to I-League. “But it has to be a good project, not necessarily a big or rich project. The club has to have ambition,” he said.

Delighted to call Odisha FC home, Miranda’s focus is on Saturday’s knockout game against last year’s I-League champions Gokulam Kerala FC. At stake is a 2023-24 AFC Cup berth. It will complete the first season for a team that got a new identity after moving from New Delhi in 2019.

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