International Dog Day: Every dog will have their day at this park in Noida!

Think swings, murals that are selfie worthy, and a huge lawn that spreads across acres. Having visualised this, know now that this isn’t not for you but for your doggo! And this is what making a few pet parents even shift to this locality in NCR. On International Dog Day, today, pet parents must explore the Dog Park in Noida’s sector 137, which is a safe haven for dogs to stretch their limbs, socialise or simply mingle without raising eyebrows.

Dog Park in Noida’s Sector 137 has become a haven for pets and strays alike. (Photo: Raajessh Kashyap/HT)

A wetland park acts as an entrance to the main Dog Park, which will soon have a canteen and vet clinic. (Photo: Raajessh Kashyap/HT)

The facilities at the park include two pools, a mural, water bowls at every few steps and an upcoming on-call veterinarian clinic. “My Labrador and Indie, Coco and Junior, love to come here daily,” says pet parent, Uday Kumar, a resident of Logix Blossom County, adding, “I recently shifted from Mumbai to Noida due to a change in job and a part of me was worried about how my dogs will adjust to the change. So I specifically chose Sector 137 due to the greenery around and most importantly this dog park! It’s here that Coco and Junior get ample space to run and play, and get to meet other dogs and humans for positive socialisation.”

Coco, the lab, and Junior, the indie, recently moved to Noida from Mumbai and love the open space. (Photo: Kriti Kambiri/HT)

Among other daily visitors at the park is Coco, a St Bernard, who needs pools to keep herself cool. Her parent, Palin N, a resident of Paras Tierea in Noida, shares, “She loves chilling here with the two other dog families that live in the park itself. She also occasionally enjoys splashing around in front of the water pipe! These facilities, aided by the wetland park that act as an entrance to this main dog park, make me feel that Noida is much more pet friendly as a location to live.”

Coco, the St Bernard, loves to chill in the park’s pools. (Photo: Kriti Kambiri/HT)

Sharing similar sentiments, Varun Dhariyal, resident of Purvanchal Royal Park in Noida and parent to Shadow, a German Shepherd, says, “There are parks in Delhi like the ones in Hauz Khas, Siri Fort and there’s even Sunder Nursery where dogs are allowed… Here the pet parents usually only take up just a small corner of the place and the dogs get to have the freedom to leap and bound and make new friends and meet other humans. As a parent I don’t have to worry about getting scared of how other people or children will behave. Everyone is careful about picking up after their pets, which are all very well trained.”

Shadow, the German Shepherd, plays fetch with his humans twice a day at the park. (Photo: Kriti Kambiri/HT)

Since the park opened in June this year, it has amassed such fan following among pet parents that now those living in Delhi are getting FOMO. Among them is Divyansha Sohnvi, an HR executive who lives in Pitampura. “I’ve heard about the dog park in Noida’s sector 137. But due to the sheer distance, I have not be able to take my pet Tabby there. I do take my Beagle to the dog park in Poorvi Pitampura, which I feel is not well kept. Seeing the pictures of Noida’s dog park, I feel Delhi should also have such infrastructure for the benefit of our furry friends.”

“We need more such safe and happy places,” adds SN Choudhary, a resident of Gulshan Vivante who often brings his Indie Hardy to this park. “People have often come to blows over feeding of strays or dogs walking within the society and also using the lift. With a dedicated park to the dogs, we are slowly but surely embracing the culture of furry companions who need to exist beyond the confines of their homes. In fact, some of us are planning on having a small picnic with our dogs today on the occasion of International Dog Day.”

Several dog lovers feed the two dog families who reside inside the park. (Photo: Raajessh Kashyap/HT)

Vandana Tripathi, officer on special duty at Noida Authority informs that the park will soon have more facilities. “A private agency will be running the canteen and the vet clinic will be added very soon,” says Tripathi.

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