‘It just hurts’: Pink remembers dad Jim Moore on second anniversy of his death

Pink paid an emotional tribute to her late father on the anniversary of his death. Jim Moore, the 43-year-old singer’s dad, died two years ago on August 27.

Jim was a Vietnam War veteran, and shared a close relationship with his daughter Pink (pink/Instagram)

Taking to Instagram, Pink shared a video of her father playing with her son, Jameson, when he was a baby. She captioned the video, “I miss you, Dad. The kids do too. Sometimes I hate how time flies. Sometimes I hate how we have to be funny in order to avoid the hurt. Today it isn’t funny. Today it just hurts.”

She added, “I’m glad you don’t anymore though. You don’t hurt. I hope they still call you twinkle toes and that you’re still getting out of line. I hope you’re singing along. I hope you’re making everyone laugh. I hope you feel this love, gone but not forgotten, Daddy Sir”.

The video Pink shared also showed Jim playfully toppling back as Jsemson tapped him on the shoulder.“Hey you, why you hitting me?” Jim said in the clip. He then tickled the child’s tummy, saying, “Did I find the soft spot, huh? Did I find the spot in that little belly, right there?”

‘He has been my person all of my life’

Jim was aVietnam War veteran, and shared a close relationship with his daughter. Pink opened up about the lessons she had learned from him on various occasions. Jim died in August 2021 after a battle with prostate cancer.

Pink shares son Jameson, 6, and daughter Willow, 12, with husband Carey Hart. She previously opened up about how important her father was when she briefly split from Carey in 2008. “I will remember this day forever. I walked out of my hotel room alone, and this paparazzi said to me ‘how’s the divorce going pink,'” Pink said at the time.

“And after I told him a couple of things I won’t repeat here, I cried. I turned around. And I went back inside. I called my dad. He came right away. He jumped on a train, no questions asked, and was in my room three hours later,” she continued.

Pink added, “He has been my person all of my life. He has fought monsters in my closet, and monsters that posed as principals in school buildings, you name it. He has taken on the world for and with me, no questions asked.”

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