it’s official! Pele entered the dictionary as an ‘unusual’ person. football news

‘Pele’ is now a word to describe ‘someone unusual’ as the three-time World Cup winner’s name was included as a new adjective in the Portuguese edition of Michelisz’s dictionary.

Brazil’s Pele is hoisted on the shoulders of his teammates after Brazil’s 4-1 World Cup final win against Italy at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City (AP)

Earlier this month, the Pele Foundation and Sportv launched the “Pele in the Dictionary” campaign to pay tribute to Pele and recognize his legacy in areas other than sport.

The name of the former player who died in December now has an entry in the dictionary, after reaching more than 100,000 signatures.

“pe.lé® adj mf smf that or someone that is out of the ordinary, that or which cannot be equal to anything or anyone by virtue of its quality, value or superiority like Pele®,” the dictionary entry says Which was unveiled at the Summit Sports event in Pakambu on Wednesday.

“Arantes do Nascimento (1940–2022), nicknamed Edson, is considered the greatest athlete of all time; extraordinary, incomparable, unique. Examples: He is the Pele of basketball, He is the Pele of tennis, He is the Pele of Brazilian drama, He is the Pele of medicine Pele is”.

Pele’s family was presented with a plaque with the entry and Michaelis has already incorporated it into his digital edition. The definition will also be included in the next printed edition.

Pele executive director Joe Fraga said, “The Pele campaign for the dictionary is one of the most original campaigns ever … His name in the dictionary is a very important part of his legacy that Pele will live on forever.” foundation.

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