Jessica Simpson says her weight ‘just doesn’t need to be a conversation’

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to being body-shamed on social media. She has previously spoken up against body-shaming, and has recently again called out people’s tendency to make comments on her weight.

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to being body-shamed on social media (jessicasimpson/Instagram)

“We need to focus on our mentality about even talking about weight,” Jessica told Access Hollywood in a recent interview. “I think it just doesn’t need to be a conversation.”

The 43-year-old singer said she empathises with other women who are judged or scrutinised on the basis of their weight, because she has “been every size.” She explained how her weight being discussed has not wavered even as her career continued to flourish. “I wish I could explain it. I wish I could say for me that it’s gotten better, but it still remains the same,” she said.

Jessica Simpson does not let the ‘negativity derail’ her

Jessica added that the continuous scrutiny over her body has been “very confusing” for her children. She said they “don’t understand” why people are so hard on their mother. Jessica shares daughters Maxwell, 11, and Birdie, 4, and son Ace, 10, with husband Eric Johnson. “I tell my kids, ‘How you feel about yourself is how you should feel,’” she said. “It’s not about … You don’t dress for anybody else. You don’t try to look like anybody else.”

Jessica says she has been falsely accused of using Type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic to lose weight. “Do people want me to be drinking again?” Jessica said in a previous interview with Bustle Magazine. “Because that’s when I was heavier. Or they want me to be having another baby? My body can’t do it.”

Jessica has said her “willpower” helps her lose weight. She added that comments about her body does “hurt,” but she does not let the “negativity derail” her. “No, I’m too old for that,” she said. “I am too connected to myself right now.”

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