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Light rain was expected in isolated parts of Delhi late on Monday evening, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has said. Scattered light showers will continue in the region until Friday, it added.

Delhi has recorded 66.2mm of rainfall so far in September. (Hindustan Times)

Safdarjung weather station, which is representative of Delhi’s weather, recorded trace rainfall in the 24-hour period until 8:30am on Monday. Palam received 2.2mm of rainfall and Ayanagar 2.4mm during the same period. An IMD official said light rain will continue in Delhi towards late Monday evening and night.

“The monsoon trough is currently south of Delhi and passing through Rajasthan. There is also an active weather system over central India. Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) is therefore receiving some moisture from both these sources and there are chances of scattered light rain until Friday.”

This revival of the monsoon means its withdrawal is yet to commence across the country. The normal date of monsoon withdrawal from Rajasthan is September 17 and September 25 for Delhi. IMD officials said this active spell of monsoon across northwest and central India will delay its withdrawal with more rain expected until Friday.

“Until there is rain across the region, the withdrawal will not be declared. Once there is a break in rain activity and several districts are dry, then the withdrawal criteria can be met,” said a second IMD official.

Delhi has recorded 66.2mm of rainfall so far in September. The normal monthly rainfall mark is 123.4mm.

Strong surface winds on Monday morning led to further improvement in air quality. The average Air Quality Index was 60 (satisfactory) at 10am compared to 65 (satisfactory) at 4pm on Sunday.

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