LIV Golf Crushers has big plans for India

Bryson DeChambeau, captain of the Crushers team at LIV Golf, which also includes Anirban Lahiri, revealed the team’s plans to open a driving range in India as part of its commitment to communities.

India’s Anirban Lahiri hits the shot (AFP)

With Lahiri’s involvement, India will be an important part of the Crushers’ future plans as the franchise looks to spread its wings in the near future.

‘The Scientist’, as long-hitting DeChambeau is known, sat down with his teammates – American Charles Howell III, England’s Paul Casey and Lahiri – late last year and asked them what their top priority was to develop golf. What will happen to the concerned communities.

Lahiri took no time to come up with the construction of driving ranges and golf academies in some of the second tier cities in his country.

And DeChambeau, who is currently in the process of building his own learning center in Dallas, was quick to see merit in Lahiri’s recommendation.

“I want Crusher to go away forever and have his own entity. I want Crusher to transcend all of us. I don’t want it to be recognized as ‘Oh, it’s Bryson.’ I want this thing to be something special.” grow organically where it impacts junior golf and their lives, education and communities, be it in India, the UK, Florida or Dallas. We want to grow the community, the public works, the economy,” Hindustan Times at the LIV Invitational Singapore DeChambeau said speaking exclusively to

“I would love to have driving ranges and academies in India. I know there is paucity of space. Baan (Lahiri) talked to me a lot about it. I know land is very expensive. Cities have landfills and that sort of thing. Locations are almost impossible to find. But I think if there’s some sort of monetary incentive structure on their side, I think there could be an opening, and it could have a positive nationwide impact.

“I mean, India, it’s the most populous country in the world. It’s very important for them to go to school. But how do you enjoy time outside of that environment – like going out, going to the golf course, playing golf balls?” Hitting out, being with friends and interacting socially – is also very, very beneficial.

“Obviously, we got all this stuff going first. I think you’ll see the first iteration in Dallas soon, and then we can take that model to other places like India.

Over the years, DeChambeau has divided opinion with his unorthodox approach to the game. He has also amassed a cult-like following, but he also has his detractors.

It all started with his habit of dipping golf balls in Epsom salt water during his college days to find perfectly balanced balls, playing with single shaped clubs and then hurling golf balls at such tremendous speeds and hitting that he finished second in the World Long Driving Championships. The move to LIV Golf hasn’t gone down too well with some of his American fans.

“Well, it’s an ever-evolving journey. I won’t be who I am today in five years or even next year. And that’s what people don’t understand. Unfortunately, people have the misconception that I’m doing it all for myself.” I am doing it,” DeChambeau said.

“I’m an intellectual, and I think differently. I can be polarizing because of the things I say and do. I don’t mean it to be polarizing. It’s who I am. I hope that people can take a more neutral point of view and say, ‘You know what, I should pay attention to what he’s doing. Because maybe there’s some truth in it’. And I think that makes everybody happy. Hard to do, isn’t it?”

Lahiri has been full of praise for DeChambeau’s captaincy and the way he is trying to build the Crushers franchise.

Lahiri said, “Bryson as a captain is great, but I think Bryson as a human being is something that people don’t talk about.”

“As teammates, we know him on a personal level, and I think he’s just a wonderful person. He’s still very much a kid at heart. He loves doing what he’s doing and he’s into it.” Will give his 110 percent.And he’s obviously one of the hardest working golfers ever.

“As a captain, he cares deeply for all of us, his teammates and staff. He has great faith in LIV Golf and its product in the near future. He loves the innovation, and the new demographic, the excitement, the entertainment, that it brings. He is very committed. I would say that some people in their position are more committed than others.

“And that’s what I love about him. He just tries so hard and gives his best possible shot every time.

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