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World tennis waits with baited breathe for the return of Rafael Nadal to action. The Spaniard has been on the sidelines since incurring a hip injury during his shock second-round exit in Australian Open earlier in January. He has since missed all remaining three Grand Slam tournaments as well during which he underwent a surgery and is now recovering well, with the aim to make a return to the sport in 2024. However, months ahead of his comeback, Nadal has downplayed his chances of making a triumphant comeback in Melbourne and later in Paris with a painful admission.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal has downplayed his chances of making a triumphant comeback in Melbourne and later in Paris with a painful admission.(REUTERS)

It would be dream of a return if Nadal can come back after all these months away from action and lift the title for the 15th time in Roland Garros. That is all ardent Rafa fans have all been talking about on social media platform as the return dates near, and probably and few tennis experts are secretly desiring it as well. But Nadal has warned fans saying that they would be “disoriented” if thy think that a player can comeback from a hip injury and win a Grand Slam straightaway.

The 37-year-old had earlier revealed that 2024 would be his final year on professional tour, but denied making any promise of a winning return to the sport.

Speaking to Movistar, Nadal said: “I would like to play again, to be competitive. But I’m not expecting to come back and win Roland Garros or Australia, so that people are not disoriented. I am fully aware that at the time when I am in my life, it is a distant idea. I don’t say ‘impossible’. I’ve said it a thousand times, things change very quickly in sport.”

The 22-time Grand Slam winner further added that he would not be left frustrated if he fails to win another major and admitted that he has down everything possible in his career to produce his best. He rather pointed out that Novak Djokovic would have been left more frustrated had ne not ended up as the most decorated Grand Slam player of all time.

“I’m not frustrated for a simple reason. I believe that, within my means, I have done everything possible to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for me,” Nadal continued. “Novak could be frustrated because he lives everything more intensely and that’s why he’s the best”

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