Over 400 flats in Wadgaonsheri hit by MNGL piped gas supply disruption

For more than 400 flat residents in Wadgaonsheri, a pleasant Sunday turned chaotic when the gas supply was suddenly interrupted due to a damaged Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) pipeline.

MNGL engineers took three hours to restore the gas supply. (Shankar Narayan/HT PHOTO)

MNGL engineers took three hours to restore the gas supply.

At around 11 am, residents were caught off guard when the MNGL gas supply suddenly ceased. The incident was traced back to a newly constructed residential society near Tempo Chowk, which inadvertently damaged the MNGL gas pipeline during construction work.

The disruption affected five to six prominent housing societies in the vicinity of Tempo Chowk and Shubham Society, causing inconvenience to over 400 flat owners.

The affected societies included Subham Society, Karan Ashiyana, Gardenia Phase 1 and Phase-2, Karan Park, and Samarth Nagar Society etc

Sneha Kamble, a resident of Karan Ashiyana, said, “We suffered due to the sudden gas line cut. We had no choice but to buy food from restaurants. The gas supply was finally restored after four hours.”

Ujjal Kotyan, a resident of Gardenia, said, “Our neighbour informed me that the gas pipeline was damaged and would be restored in three to four hours, as per a WhatsApp message in our society group. We had to step out for breakfast and lunch.”

Vikas Chauhan, a senior official of MNGL (operating and maintenance), said, “A newly constructed residential society near Tempo Chowk damaged the MNGL gas pipeline. We received a complaint around 11 am. Our team promptly rushed to the spot. Upon inspection, we discovered that the pipe was damaged and located beneath the cement-concrete road. We had to excavate the road and repair the damaged pipeline, which took approximately three hours to complete.”

Chauhan further added, “In normal circumstances, we impose fines on establishments responsible for damaging gas pipelines. Consequently, we will be levying fines on the concerned society, with the exact amount being determined based on the cost of the repair work.”

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