Painting the message of women empowerment

Artist Durga Kainthola has come up with a solo painting and sculpture exhibition ‘Shaktism’ underway at Kala Srot Art Gallery in the state capital.

Artist Durga Kainthola during her exhibition currently underway at Kala Srot Art Gallery in Lucknow

Born in Kolkata with roots in Uttarakhand and living in Delhi for three decades, Kainthola has put up several solo and group exhibitions in various parts of India as well as abroad including Hong Kong, Germany and the US.

“As an artist your work reflects your surroundings. You can’t close your eyes and not take notice. My sculptures and installations are centred on issues related to women empowerment.

Visitors posing in front of her masterpiece titled Self-Defense.

12 sculptures and 16 paintings have been put up on display. On her unique installation Self-Defense, which is catching the fancy of many, she shares, “I have dressed this sculpture in a metal bikini, carrying a gun and bullets. The theme is freedom to wear whatever a girl wants to and be well equipped to protect herself without depending on others. Message is to be your own saviour!”

Her installations are wowing Lucknowites.

Her paintings are inspired by Mother Goddess and her avatars. Kainthola also works on historical artifacts and also documents them.

A large number of Lucknowites have been turning up to see her paintings and artifacts. On the opening day (Saturday), a kathak presentation by College of Arts and Craft student Vivekand Rajak was also staged with a theme of ArdhNareshwar.

The exhibition is on till August 30.

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