‘Regrets doing this to Sreesanth’: Harbhajan appeals to Gambhir, Kohli | Cricket

The 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) clash between Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on Monday saw some dramatic scenes during and after the match, most notably between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir. . Former RCB skipper Kohli and LSG mentor Gambhir could be seen having a heated discussion after the match before being pulled apart by players from both the sides. This happened after some tension arose during the game between Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq of LSG.

Harbhajan said that he regrets what happened to Sreesanth during the first IPL.

There have been several reactions to the incidents from various quarters, including Kohli and Naveen himself, after the BCCI imposed heavy fines on the pair and Gambhir. Former India spinner Harbhajan Singh, who himself was at the center of one of the most famous post-match incidents in the history of the IPL, has now appealed to Kohli and Gambhir to put their differences behind and be kind to each other. Have a sense of peace.

Harbhajan recalled the incident which took place in the first season of IPL in 2008 after a match between his Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings, then known as Kings XI Punjab, for whom his then Indian teammate Sreesanth played. Were. Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth after the match, for which Sreesanth was banned for a long time. Harbhajan said he regrets what he did then and does not want Kohli and Gambhir, who have a history of hostility towards each other in the IPL, to have the same feelings many years later.

“It will not stop here. People will talk about it, try to find out who did what. Although these are all external things. As someone who has lived through something like this myself. Something similar happened between me and Sreesanth in 2008. Today even after 15 years I am ashamed to think because these are not all gestures. At that time I felt that whatever happened happened, I was right. But no, what I did was wrong,” Harbhajan said on his YouTube page.

A few years after the incident, Harbhajan and Sreesanth were integral parts of the Indian team that won the 2011 World Cup. Incidentally both Gambhir and Kohli were in that team as well.

“Virat Kohli, you are a legend. There is no need for you to get involved in something like this. But he is such a passionate player that he felt involved in the game and it happened. People trying to find out Whether it is Kohli’s fault, Gambhir’s or Naveen’s, but this picture being created is not good for cricket.You both are such big players, they are both my younger brothers and with that freedom I say it is of no use.

“I’m bringing up my episode because even today when I look back, I feel like I shouldn’t have done it. I’m so sorry. I’m sure both of you are thinking that Why were we fighting. It was a small matter, we could have settled it there and then. We should make good memories. Please forget all this, just end this matter. Meet each other, hug each other, cricket is what you all have created, children are watching you and as ambassadors of the game It is our responsibility to represent it in the right way.So I hope both my brothers together will give a good message.’

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