‘Renting my 2 BHK in Indiranagar,’ viral Bengaluru man’s rent hike sparks meme trend

In the lively city of Bengaluru, it’s a common occurrence to witness local residents using social media platforms to search for potential tenants.

Recently, a landlord who goes by the username @Bharath_MG posted his property for rent on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), and it quickly garnered attention. The property was highly attractive, boasting modern interiors and amenities, which drew Bengalureans to it in droves.

However, this rollercoaster journey took an unexpected twist when the landlord, possibly driven by a change of heart or financial considerations, decided to raise the rent suddenly. This abrupt rent increase also became a social media sensation, turning it into a meme-worthy moment.

@Bharath_MG’s original post stated, “Renting my 2 BHK flat in Indiranagar 80ft road just next to Lazy Suzy and right opposite to 12th main.

Interiors done recently

Bedroom has a home theater setup with a projector and motorized screen

No restrictions

Move in date: Oct 15

Rent: 45K

Attached pics

DMs are open.”

Nevertheless, in a subsequent update, the rent was dramatically increased to a staggering 55,000 rupees. While some individuals criticized this sharp rent hike, the internet couldn’t help but transform the situation into a lighthearted meme extravaganza.

The quoted words from the original post served as the inspiration for a trend in which people added their unique humorous twists, injecting comedy into the narrative. This phenomenon was fueled in part by the property’s undeniable allure and partly by the unexpected change in the landlord’s pricing.

The internet was inundated with memes showcasing renowned landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Charminar, the iconic Raichand house from ‘K3G,’ and even the cherished childhood piggy bank in the shape of a puppy’s house.

Another username @aakancvedi tweeted a meme for renting the Hyderabad property.

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