Saad Bilgrami: Many newcomers find it fair to ignore their past | Web Series

Actor Saad Bilgrami feels it’s important for an actor to stay connected to his roots.

Saad Bilgrami

“Why does anyone need to shy away from his background. I come from Khairabad, UP, a very small place, and I proudly owe my identity to it. Just opposite my humble house was the ancestral home of legendary writer Javed Akhtar. I grew up listening to his achievements which helped me dream big. And, here I am, happily embarking on my journey as an actor. Many newcomers find it fair to ignore their past but not me. I was suggested to do the same, but I don’t function like that,” says the Pitchers and Gullak actor.

Like for any outsider, for Bilgrami too it was difficult to find his footing. During his recent visit to Lucknow, he says, “I was into making sketches and that’s what lead me to YouTube. I joined RVCJ and then TVF happened. School Dairies with the latter is still on and before that I was part of Pitchers and Hostel Daze too but what got me into mainstream was the web series Ghar Wapasi. Since then, there was no looking back. Playing parallel lead changed a lot for me else it wouldn’t have been possible to get noticed by OTT biggies.”

Talking about his last release and new projects, Bilgrami asserts, “Good work is happening and personally I can sustain well. If not for those who stood by me initially, I wouldn’t have been able pursue a career in the industry. When I got this fun role in Lakhan Leela Bhargav with none other than Ravie Dubey, I had no clue that it would shape up so well for me. Getting positive reviews is really endearing for me. Then, I have Panchayat 3 and Gullak 4 along with two more projects in line. At 27, I think I am getting to make all the right moves.”

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