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Matchups’ is the talk of the town in T20 cricket today. Here, we take a look at the spin matchups in IPL 2023 so far – how some teams and players fit the matchup notion, and how some don’t.

Chennai, April 30 (ANI): Chennai Super Kings’ Ravindra Jadeja celebrates the dismissal of Punjab Kings’ Atharva Tayde in Indian Premier League 2023 at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on Sunday. (ANI Photo/Digital Restrictions) (Chennai Super Kings Twitter)

Alleged spin ‘matchup’

The table shows that, generally, a batsman facing his ‘favourite’ finger spin matchup (with the ball turning) is worth approximately one run per over depending on the economy rate. Both right- and left-handed batsmen score at about the same rate when facing leg-spin, perhaps an indication of how common leg-spin is in the modern game and the evolution of right-handed batsmen to counter it.

CSK – Trio of false lefties

Despite this information, why don’t teams stick with the left-right batting combination throughout the innings? That might be the question on many minds considering the build of the CSK batting unit, with left-armers Devon Conway, Moeen Ali and Shivam Dube often batting together. Surely, bowling an off-spinner is a clear win for the other team?

The answer is that all three – Conway, Moeen and Dubey – do not conform to the widely accepted ‘matchup’ method. Despite being left-handed, all three are capable of bowling off-spin, with Conway and Dubey having a decent strike rate as well as impressive averages.

Whether it is by design or chance, the result is CSK scoring at 9.49 runs per over when facing off-spin. This is the third fastest in the competition, despite left-handers facing 64% of deliveries from off-spin. CSK, in a way, have turned a seemingly losing matchup into a win and may continue to do so till the opposition sides catch up.

RR – masters of manipulating and ‘taking down’ their matchups

Kumar Sangakkara’s Royals team is currently second in terms of scoring rate for batsmen facing their ‘favourite’ type of spin, facing off-spin for both right-handed batsmen and left-armers. K is facing left arm spin. The Royals’ side have Jos Buttler and Sanju Samson, two of the most destructive batsmen in the world when it comes to facing off-spin. Although we don’t often see them together, young left-armers Yashasvi Jaiswal and Devdutt Padikkal used to split them up and manipulate ‘matchups’ and ensure that opposing teams had easy access to their finger spinners. Don’t have time Royals have had the left-right combination at the crease 77% of the time this IPL, which is comfortably the highest figure in the league.

In contrast, Royal Challengers Bangalore (28%) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (34%) have by far had the lowest left-right batting combination, making it easier for bowling teams to plan and limit matchup opportunities for their batsmen Those who have been ranked by their scoring rate, don’t often take them anyway.

Spinners also have their own matchups

Another factor at play is whether the bowler suits the perceived spin ‘matchup’. Some bowlers like Rashid Khan and Mathisha Teekshana have very limited difference in economy rate when bowling right or left arm.

Others such as Moeen Ali, Axar Patel and Krunal Pandya have a clear matchup inclination to go 2 runs per over higher against their perceived ‘weak’ matchups, and will need to be carefully managed by their bowling captain.

Some bowlers don’t suit the supposed ‘matchup’ at all. Sunil Narine is much better against right-handers and Ravi Bishnoi’s googly makes him a better matchup for left-handers than right-handers, unlike the other leg-spinners in the list.

Despite being more expensive for right-handed batsmen, Varun Chakravarthy takes a wicket every 19 balls for a right-hander compared to every 29 balls against a left-handed batsman – the wicket is also a factor in play here.

There is much more to ‘matching’ a batsman or bowler to right- or left-arm spin – as well as some of the questions asked above when considering what might happen in each matchup, a variety of Throw in pitches, game positions, and one-off boundaries. During the remainder of this IPL.

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