Virat Kohli Vs Gautam Gambhir: IPL 2023: What happened due to Virat Kohli-Gautam Gambhir brawl? cricket news

Gambhir’s celebration in Bengaluru earlier seemed to have angered Kohli, leading to bad blood after the RCB-LSG match in Lucknow
Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir were fined 100 per cent of their match fees after a post-match brawl at the end of the RCB-LSG match on Monday night.


Virat Kohli, Gautam Gambhir fined 100 percent of match fee after LSG-RCB match

lsgAfghanistan bowlers Naveen-ul-HaqAlso, he was fined 50% of his match fee for heated words with Kohli – during which he was also seen holding the former Indian skipper’s arm – before the two parted ways. rcbGlen Maxwell.
Gambhir, the LSG mentor, and RCB’s batting mainstay Kohli were fined for breaching Article 2.21 of the IPL Code of Conduct, which deals with public acts of misconduct, unruly behavior and inappropriate comments prejudicial to the interests of the game. are harmful to
Kohli’s match fee can be calculated from his contract with RCB but Gambhir’s fee has not been disclosed by LSG. Traditionally, franchisees pay such fines from their own pockets.


IPL 2023: Virat Kohli-Gautam Gambhir face to face

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Kohli and Gambhir have behaved aggressively on the field in the past. He has a history of public post-IPL match showdowns. After the RCB-KKR match in 2013, there was a heated argument between the two. Gambhir was then the captain of KKR.
The LSG opener seemed to be the reason for the tussle between Kohli and Gambhir Kyle Meyers‘ exchange with Kohli, which was interrupted by Gambhir pulling Mayer away. Gambhir’s aggressive celebration in the first leg of the tie at the Chinnaswamy in Bengaluru after LSG’s one-run win had irked Kohli. And this time, it was Kohli who celebrated aggressively after RCB’s 18-run victory defending only 126 runs.

Gambhir had earlier pointed towards the crowd at Chinnaswamy and signaled him to be quiet. Kohli repeated the gesture towards the spectators at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow.
Following the incident, cryptic messages poured in from the social-media handles of both Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq. After the match, RCB released a video of the dressing room, which shows an animated Kohli without a body, saying: “If you can give it, you gotta take it.”

Naveen posted a story on Instagram that read: “You get what you deserve. That’s how it should be and that’s how it happens.” Soon, Kohli came up with a story quoting the Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius: “Everything we hear is opinion, not fact. Everything we see is perspective, not truth.”
This is the second time during this IPL that Kohli has been embroiled in a controversy regarding his post-match behaviour. Earlier, Delhi Capitals mentor Sourav Ganguly’s refusal to shake hands during the customary post-game handshake caused a minor uproar on social media.

This time too, social media was instantly flooded with pictures of Gambhir and Kohli’s clash, in which Gambhir was seen charging Kohli and being restrained by some LSG players. lsg Amit Mishra Kohli was seen keeping pace with LSG assistant coach Vijay Dahiya and the RCB captain Faf Du Plessis is also getting into the act at some stage.
Kohli had apparently earlier pulled up Naveen-ul-Haq for trampling on the pitch with spikes, and even showed his boot to both the bowler and the umpire. As it always happens, a lot of fake news and satire quickly started circulating on social media, distorting the incident.
Faf du Plessis, in the same video posted by RCB, defended Kohli, who seemed over-enthusiastic throughout the game: “This is the best version of Virat, isn’t it? This is when he is at his best . It’s awesome to be a part of it.” My job is to keep things calm on the field, which I thought we did really well.”

A source in the know of developments said, “Kohli was expected to be fired up in Lucknow. He was targeting every LSG player during the match. Naveen-ul-Haq was not shy when Kohli was batting.” ” But during the chase things got out of hand. Kohli was gesturing to the crowd and mimicking Gambhir. And then he said something to Naveen, pointing to his shoes. Naveen was very upset.
“Mayer was not talking cricket with Kohli. He just went up to Kohli to ask why he was saying obnoxious things to stare at Mayer. Gambhir intervened and told Mayer to discuss it. There is no point in doing that and that only irritated Kohli further,” said the source.
Mike Hesson, RCB’s director of cricket operations, said, “I think after the last match at Chinnaswamy where we lost on the last ball, it always felt like we were desperate to get it. I think you probably missed a bit Looked over that boil.”

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