WATCH: Father’s tearful NFL selection call for son from Cowboys draft room

With the No. 212 overall pick, the Dallas Cowboys selected former Kansas State running back Deuce Von in the sixth round of the 2023 NFL Draft on Saturday. He is set to replace Ezekiel Elliott, who has been released by the team. Deuce is the son of Cowboys scout Chris Vaughn.

Deuce Von (Getty Images via AFP)

Interestingly, the call for Deuce’s selection was made by none other than his own father. An official video of the call went viral on social media in which Deuce’s father informed his son about the selection. A teary-eyed Chris asks Deuce “Do you want to work out with me next week?”. From the other end, Deuce replies, “I wouldn’t mind that at all” as the Cowboys staff in the room burst into laughter. Seconds later, the President of the Cowboys confirmed and congratulated Deuce on his selection. In the video, a proud Chris can be seen hugging Cowboys coaches and other staff as they congratulate him on his son’s selection.

Watch the video here:

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Duce earned All-American honors in all three seasons at KSU. He totaled 3,604 yards and 34 touchdowns on 651 carries and added 1,280 yards and nine more scores on his 116 receptions.

With a height of just 5-5 1/4 and a weight of 179 pounds, Deuce is the smallest player in the history of the NFL Scouting Combine. But despite his small size, he has the skills to make it big. Speaking of him, Kansas State coach Chris Kleiman said, “I always knew he was fearless and not afraid to run inside. We used him as a pure running back as the (first) season went on.” I started doing it. I’ve been saying it ever since.” Here he comes: He’s a vastly underrated running back between the tackles. Some of his best players have a gain of 3-4 yards which can be a loss of 5-6 yards. You can’t take a clean shot at him.

Last season, Duce rushed for 1,558 yards and nine touchdowns to go with 378 receiving yards. In 2021, he was an All-American with 1,404 rushing yards and nearly 500 receiving yards.

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