‘We gotta hurry up’: ChriseanRock live streams the birth of son ChriseanMalone

American Rapper and reality TV actress, ChriseanRock live-streamed the birth of her son, ChriseanMalone, on Instagram. Though she may have had the baby with rapper Blueface, she named her son after herself. Rumours suggest Chrisean’s baby daddy, rapper Blueface was busy partying as she faced the birth of their son, alone.

“We gotta hurry up his head gone be long,” said Chrisean in a moment in the video.

In the video watched by more than 300,000 people, we could see Chrisean joking with her friends and family and commenting on the birthing process.

All through the live, Chrisean kept the process real and did not leave her humour aside.

“We gotta hurry up his head gone be long,” said Chrisean in a moment in the video.

“Get that n*gga out,” she said in another.

Posting the video on Instagram, the “Vibe” rapper captioned, “Let’s welcome my Baby boy ChriseanMalone named after his mommy.”

Earlier on August 29, 2023, she made a post on Instagram predicting the arrival of her baby anytime soon. “The last pregnancy dump before my Baby Boy comes,” she captioned.

Many on the internet have appreciated Chrisean for keeping the process real and braving through it all alone while keeping her joyous self alive.

Some of the rapper’s followers have also commented on how her baby daddy was absent through the birth. Blueface was seen partying in Miami as Chrisean gave birth. In August, Chrisean had mentioned in an Instagram Live that she did not want Blueface anywhere near her, during the birth of their son.

“I need real love around me when I’m pushing the baby out. I’m setting boundaries,” she said.

Crazy In Love Season 2 captured Chrisean’s tumultuous journey through the pregnancy and her rocky relationship with Blueface where at a point she had to show him DNA results to prove that the baby was his.

Nonetheless, the rapper has had a safe delivery of her son, with her loved ones by her side.

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