Will Lewis’ NFL Draft Scandal Revealed by Girlfriend Gia Duddy’s Viral Moment

The NFL Draft is always full of surprises, but this year, it wasn’t only the players making headlines. Will Lewis’ girlfriend, Gia Duddy, caused a stir during the event, and not just because she was there to support her boyfriend.

Will Lewis’ girlfriend Gia Duddy caused a stir during the event.

Duddy took to social media to congratulate Lewis on being selected by the Tennessee Titans, but it wasn’t his message that raised eyebrows. The Internet was filled with speculation as to who she was and what her appearance in the draft meant for Lewis’ career.

Rumors swirled that Duddy had been a distraction for Lewis during his time at Kentucky, with some even suggesting that his behavior had contributed to his decline in the draft.

ESPN’s Todd McShea added fuel to the fire when he revealed that there were concerns about Lewis among NFL teams. Personadescribing him as “arrogant” and “cocky” in meetings.

Fans were quick to point out that Duddy’s Instagram account was filled with photos of the couple together, suggesting that he may have been a factor in Lewis’s alleged attitude problems.

Despite the controversy, Duddy seemed unfazed, posting several more messages of support for Lewis on social media. However, as the dust settles on the 2023 NFL Draft, the question remains: Who is Gia Duddy, and what role did he play in the biggest moments of Will Lewis’ career?

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