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There were three separate yet related incidents involved. Virat KohliAmit Mishra, Naveen-ul-Haq, and Gautam Gambhir During and after the Lucknow Super Giants vs Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL 2023 match at the Ekana Stadium, which created ripples on social media and sent experts and fans in an uncomfortable frame of mind. Gambhir and Kohli were deducted his full match fee While Naveen has been fined 50 per cent. There were scenes that stalwarts like Sunil Gavaskar hinted at suspending the cricketers to ensure that such a thing is not repeated.

Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli got into a heated argument during the RCB vs LSG IPL match

Kohli, who was highly aggressive during the LSG chase, got some sort of retribution from Naveen-ul-Haq in the 17th over. Non-striker Amit Mishra and the on-field umpires tried to mediate but Kohli kept walking at the Afghanistan pacer, who in turn kept staring at him. However, Naveen showed no signs of backing down as the teams lined up to shake hands. He Pushed by holding Kohli’s hand As the verbal fight continued.

Seconds later, LSG opener Kyle Mayers was seen chatting with Kohli. LSG mentor Gambhir came and took Mayer away, even as Kohli looked annoyed.

Both Kohli and Gambhir seemed to have gone their separate ways but the latter suddenly swung into action. He Former RCB captain accused Aggressively, pushed away the LSG cricketers who tried to stop him. Kohli turned back and decided to move towards Gambhir. He was seen saying something by putting his hand on Gambhir’s shoulder but Amit Mishra of LSG saw the matter escalating and separated the two.

So what happened on Monday night in Lucknow? An eyewitness inside the team’s dugout briefed PTI about the incidents.

“You saw on TV that Mayer and Virat were walking together for a few meters after the match. Mayer asked Kohli why he was constantly abusing him and Virat in turn asked why he (Mayer) was Why are you staring? Earlier? That (Amit) Mishra had complained to the umpire that Virat was continuously abusing Naveen (ul-Haq), who is the number 10 batsman.

He added, “When Virat made the comment, Gautam realized that things could turn ugly, pulled the mayor away and told him not to talk. The heated conversation that followed seemed a bit childish.”

,Gautam asked, ‘What are you talking about?‘ (What were you saying?) and Virat replied, ‘I didn’t say anything to you, why are you entering‘ (When I haven’t told you anything then why are you coming in the middle).

Gautama replied,If you have spoken to my player, it means you have insulted my family., (You abused my player and it is like abusing my family) and Virat’s reply was, ‘So take care of your family’. (Then you take care of your family).

Gambhir’s last reply before parting was,so now you will teach me…’ (So now I have to learn from you …). ,

It was a ‘deja vu’ moment for all those who had seen the two in a close brawl in 2013 when Kolkata Knight Riders were playing Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Kohli was then a superstar-in-the-making and Gambhir, out of the Indian team, was a shrewd captain at KKR.

As of 2023, Gambhir remains a firebrand who is a TV pundit and also the mentor of a franchise where he is the remote-control captain.

Ditto for Kohli, who remains RCB captain in spirit. On paper though, Faf du Plessis is the captain.

“It’s a bit of a complicated relationship between the two. Gautham is not a bad person, but not the easiest person to handle either. He had no right to point fingers at Chinnaswamy’s crowd, who swear by Virat’s name. Is.”

A former India player said, ‘Now here Virat got a chance to show his superiority and he did so. He knows that Gautam has been a staunch critic of his captaincy and he too will not take a step back. Dressing room with both, said.

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